Beer and Health

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I am glad you have discovered this folder! The aim is to collate together a repository of information on the impact of beer on human health.

It is, of course, a sensitive topic. There are those who would seek any excuse to imbibe to excess. Equally there are those who cannot countenance that moderate consumption of beer can have any benefit whatsoever.

I seek to take the middle ground -and if you want to read more about my views on this then you might care to take a look at this book (go to the Buy the Book  page)

Undoubtedly there are those who will look at my pedigree and say "well, of course he is going to say positive things about beer". As readers of my articles and books know full well, I am certainly not fearful of highlighting the real negatives associated with abusing beer. If only those who focus entirely on the latter were as willing to inform the reader about the opposing arguments to their point of view.

So I encourage you to keep tabs on this link at my website as articles, discussion points, recent references etc. will progressively accumulate.

For starters let me suggest some more books that speak to this topic. Restraint of ego fails to stop me suggesting this first, and again you can link to it at "Buy the Book".


A wonderful little read, suffused with common sense, is this one:

That author has a website at

Meanwhile here are several articles from yours truly:
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Charlie Bamforth December 16, 2015