Who am I?

Charlie Bamforth

Distinguished Professor Emeritus

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Charles Bamforth

Career to Date

Senior Quality Adviser, Sierra Nevada Brewing Company January 2019-date
Distinguished Professor Emeritus, University of California, Davis January 2019-date
Anheuser-Busch Endowed Professor of Brewing Science, University of California, Davis January 1999-December 2018
Chair, Department of Food Science And Technology, University of California, Davis July 2005-January 2009
Director of Membership Services - Brewing Research International August 1997-December 1998
Director (previously Head) of Research - Brewing Research International January 1991-July 1997
Quality Assurance Manager - Bass Brewers, Preston Brook Brewery October 1988-January 1991
Research Manager - Bass Plc February 1984-September 1988
Senior Projects Manager - Bass Plc April 1983-January 1984
Head of Malt and Wort Production
Head of Biochemistry & Biophysics
Principal Scientist
Senior Scientist
Brewing Research Foundation
June 1978-March 1983
Independent Research Worker - Department of Microbiology, University of Sheffield September 1976-May 1978

Malting and Brewing Research

Control of Dimethyl sulfide in lager beers

  • Dimethyl sulfide (DMS) is a key flavor component in lager-style beers. Led a research program devoted to explaining how brewing yeast can produce DMS and how the level of DMS in lager beers can be controlled.
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Degradation of β-glucans during malting and brewing

The b-glucans in the cell walls of the starchy endosperm of barley present serious problems to the brewer if they are not efficiently degraded. The program of work has been devoted to unraveling the enzymic pathways involved in solubilizing and degrading these complex polysaccharides, recommending procedures for alleviating the problems caused. (Included amongst this study was work on glucanases from the fungi Trichoderma reesei and Penicillium funiculosum as enzyme preparations from these organisms formed the basis of assays developed for b-glucan.)

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Beer Foam

The research led to the identification of amphipathic polypeptides from barley as being the primary backbone in beer foam. Focused, too, on the interactions which take place in the lacing of foam to the surface of the beer glass and on the opportunities for enhancing foams through the addition of exogenous foaming polypeptides. As in the other research themes, practical articles advising brewers how to improve quality performance in their beers have also been written, in addition to scientific papers.

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Flavor Stability

Prevention of the staling of beer is a major target for Brewers. The research programs have been devoted to the identification of free radical reactions as one route by which staling can occur, followed by recommendations on possible palliative treatments, and on the influence of enzymes.

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  • The lecture to the Brewing Congress of the Americas on which this paper was based was awarded The Presidential Award for an Outstanding Paper by the Master Brewers Association of the Americas.
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Other published output in malting and brewing

Diverse other papers, articles and chapters have been contributed embracing a wide range of topics, but including enzymology which is a key theme throughout my work.

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Professional and Personal Information


Honorary Professor in the School of Biosciences, University of Nottingham

Institute of Brewing and Distilling

Immediate past President 2016-2018

President 2014 - 2016
Deputy President 2012 - 2014
Member of the Editorial Board, Journal of the Institute of Brewing

Fellow of the Royal Society of Biology

Fellow of the International Academy of Food Science and Technology

American Society of Brewing Chemists

Editor-in-Chief, Journal of the American Society of Brewing Chemists, 2000-2017

Member of the Master Brewers Association of the Americas


B.Sc  Biochemistry, University of Hull, 1973
Ph. D   Solubilization and properties of N-Methylglutamate dehydrogenase from Pseudomonas aminovorans and its role during growth on methylamine  University of Hull, 1977
D. Sc  University of Hull, 1993
D. Sc  Heriot-Watt University, 2015


Institute of Brewing Cambridge Prize, 1984

American Society of Brewing Chemists Award of Distinction, 2011

Brewers Association Recognition Award, 2018

Master Brewers Association of the Americas Award of Honor, 2018

Institute of Brewing and Distilling Horace Brown Medal, 2018

UC Davis College of Agricultural and Environmental Sciences Award of Distinction, 2018

ASBC Charlie Bamforth Student Travel Award introduced 2019.

IBD Stewart-Bamforth Award introduced 2021

Honorary Life Membership, MBAA, June 2022

Other interests 

Soccer writer
Book: "In Keeping with the Wolves" (1992): an account of Wolverhampton Wanderers goalkeepers since 1945
Articles in every matchday program for Wolverhampton Wanderers 1985-1991
Birmingham City 1988-1990
Shrewsbury Town 1988- 2001
Walsall 1988-1998
plus various other magazines and programs.

Contributor to www.wolvesheroes.com and www.prostamerika.com